Intuitive Services By Wendy

Tarot, Astrology, & Rune Readings with Wendy

Wendy is the co-owner of Artio Artisanals with her husband, Bear. They handcraft metaphysical items, vend at local holistic and psychic fairs, homeschool their 3 kids and maintain a local "city-stead". Wendy has been reading tarot, oracle cards and runes for over 7 years. She has also studied astrology and numerology in this time and has practiced a variety of forms of energetic healing as well as crystal & herbal healing.

She is a witch, a healer, and a warrior of the light.

Tarot, Astrology, & Rune Readings:

I combine tarot, oracle and runes, intuitive messages, numerology & predictive/intuitive astrology for all readings. My intention in readings is to channel clear messages from God/Universe/Spirit and to empower others with the messages & spiritual tools they need strengthen their personal magic and to transit the ebbs and flows in life.

I book readings at Maven's Moon & Hearth Wisdom Store weekly and also offer readings at many of our holistic & psychic fairs.

Please email us at to book an in-person reading. I am not currently offering virtual services.

Natal Chart Readings:

Natal chart readings are a great tool to gain more insight into your personal “blueprint” and how it will be impacted by the current astrological transits.

I combine predictive & intuitive astrology, along with intentional dialogue for all natal chart readings. My intention in readings is to provide an astrological map. Studying the points and aspects on the map allows us to see how they’re working and empowers us to make these points work even better. Furthermore, looking at how the current astrological transits trigger or highlight these points gives insights and explanations to current and upcoming life themes.

*Must have an accurate birth PLACE, DATE, & TIME*