Who We Are

Artio Artisanals is a small business rooted in Fort Worth, Texas, run by husband-wife team, Bear & Wendy. We combine the magic of nature with ancient wisdoms and traditions to handcraft collectibles, jewelry, crystals and stones, essential oils, herbal remedies, up-cycled art, and more for holistic healing purposes. Knowledge, practice, intuition and the highest intentions guide us in how we obtain materials and create our products .

The natural materials used to create our collectibles, stones, and curios are gathered from our city-homestead, gifted or traded to us by our Tribe, or are foraged for along our many hiking, camping, and travel adventures across the states.

Every item is unique and made with the highest intentions. Everything has been ethically sourced and no critters have been harmed for the purpose of making our jewelry, accessories, collectibles or spiritual tools.

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