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About Us

The Makers Behind Artio:

Bear & Wendy Griffin

The Story Behind Artio

Artio was birthed in the summer of 2017 and we worked our first official event in October of 2017.

Artio came through to Bear that summer and we knew she was our guide. She is the ancient Celtic Bear goddess, the predecessor for Artemis and even Arthur. She was connected to the old gods and the old ways and she wanted us to continue the journey of “remembering”.

Since we had already been practicing crystal healing, divination, and were working with the Earth, the flow into Artio as a business was seamless.

Before Artio, Wendy spent 10 years teaching elementary school and Bear worked in the tattoo industry for over 2 decades, even owning his own shop. In 2017, we went through some extremely rapid transformations (on the heels of a massive spiritual awakening for Wendy) and within a period of about 6 weeks, we had both quit our day jobs, started homeschooling our kids, and began Artio full time. In hindsight, we see that the universe was rapidly purging out what was no longer in alignment for us.

Our Spiritual Journey

Bear was always very connected to his spirituality and the metaphysical realms. He was raised Cherokee and spent years educating himself on many different cultures/spiritual practices/ religions, etc. so his journey really began at the age of 7 when he visited the kivas in New Mexico and had some out of body experiences.

Wendy began the deep dive much later in life. While she always had a love for the stars and all things occult, she didn’t give it the time and attention until the tail end of her Saturn return in 2016. That is when she discovered the magic of crystals and that opened up the doors for the numerosus metaphysical rabbit holes to come

What we are passionate about...

We create handcrafted, homegrown & intentionally curated spiritual tools to empower your personal magical journey.

We have unique items that resonate with our spirits and we in turn offer those to you so they may bless and enrich your life and your path.

What do we specialize in...

Candles, herbal blends and smudge wands, Enchanted oils and sprays, jewelry, talisman (bone, horn, wood, antler), hand etched copper cuffs and jewelry, smudge/cleansing fans, runes, leather bags and pouches, bone art and oddities/specimen …all alongside intentionally curated crystals for healing on all levels.

We incorporate a blend of witchy, pagan, indigenous, and Norse magic and symbols into everything we craft. And we craft according to the moon and stars/planets, imbuing talismanic properties not just in our jewelry but candles, oils, etc.

Collaboration in Creation

There are items we craft on our own and items that we collaborate on.

Bear crafts most of our talisman and runes on his own and Wendy is the one blending oils and tinctures.

But we are always supporting each other along the way and both have knowledge and experience making what the other is doing.

Wendy brews up the candle magic and Bear makes the crystal dust and herb toppings for many of the candles. Wendy etches the copper and Bear seals them.

We both make fans, but Bear preps all the antlers and bones for this process.

So really, you’re getting a little of both of our magic in our creations.


Loving the Earth, in-turn She gifts us.

Every item is unique and made with the highest intentions. Everything has been ethically sourced and no critters have been harmed for the purpose of making our jewelry, accessories, collectibles or spiritual tools.